Signs of Poor Time Management Skills

Having poor time management skills affects all parts of your life, including employment and relationships. Most people try to convince themselves that they are pretty good at managing time when they are slowly sinking. Are you wondering if you know how to manage time? The best way to know is by identifying signs of poor time management.

Signs of Poor Time Management

  • Conflict with people over uncompleted work: If you always find yourself being blamed for uncompleted work, or if people have walked out on you because you are late for an appointment, then you probably have challenges managing time.
  • Always in a rush: Do you always seem to be in a hurry? People who are always rushing to catch the bus, coffee in hand, trying to tuck in their shirts, clearly do not know how to manage their time.
  • Procrastination: Ask yourself how many times you have pushed forward an activity while trying to convince yourself that there is still time to do it. Procrastination is a sure sign of poor time management.
  • Stress and anxiety: Upcoming deadlines and incomplete work can cause anxiety and stress. If you are always worried that you will not beat a deadline, then it is now you should start working on your time management.
  • Easily distracted: Are you the kind of person who can easily get swayed by impromptu invites by friends, or social media, such that you spend the whole day doing something you did not plan for? If yes, you should think about changing things.
  • Poor goals: If you have not set goals for yourself, then chances are that you will wade through life without knowing what you are doing. Lack of goals means you have no control of your time, and you are letting other people define it for you.