Importance of setting aside time for activities

When it comes to time management, one of the ways you can ensure you have work done is by setting aside time for designated activities. This can be done by creating a timetable or setting a reminder and timer on your phone to constantly let you know that it is time for you to transition to another activity.

Why you should set aside time for designated activity

  • To avoid getting distracted: Once you have a schedule of what you are expected to do, it gets engraved in your mind and you are unlikely to get distracted with other activities. People who do not have a schedule will lose focus and end up with many uncompleted assignments.
  • To monitor progress: It is easier to know what you have achieved if you have a set aside a set amount of time for each activity. You can be able to cross off what has been completed and plan for events that have not been done.
  • To create time for a break: When you have a set amount of time for individual assignments, you can schedule for a little break to engage in your hobby. If you enjoy online betting, you can slot it in and go to sites such as Unibet for a short while before resuming to do other activities.
  • To know what consumes most of your time: Most people go through the day without knowing for sure what activity takes up most of their time. When you put a schedule, you will have a basic idea on how you spend your time, and make changes if necessary.
  • To get a sense of achievement: When you finally get to finish what you had planned to do in the duration of time you had hoped to. The sense of focus that comes out of it makes it worthy.
  • It relieves stress: The pressure of trying to get things done if you do not have some form of order can be stressful. Most of the times, you will end up with half completed activities and a great deal of frustration. Having some form of system makes it less stressful.